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Posted by oenophilus on September 10, 2007

I just flew in from Portland, and boy are my arms….No really. I did just get back from a tasting in Lake Oswego (just outside of Portland). Usually we try to schedule our VIP and Wine Club tastings when I can spend a few days in the area promoting Iridesse Wines. This time, because of scheduling conflicts, I was to dash in, pour our wines for a group of potential customers, and dash out the next morning.

What a great opportunity to use the new Horizon Airlines service out of Charles Schultz Sonoma County Airport. Located at the northernmost extremes of Santa Rosa, the airport is less than 15 minutes from our house. Compare that to the heinous drive through the Bay Area mazes and bridge traffic and back-ups to get to Oakland or San Francisco airports in 2-3 hours. No contest. Horizon will get the lion’s share of my business!

Even though we got off to a rough start with a major delay (who wants to get on a plane that has mechanical troubles, anyway?), my flight to Seattle was quick and comfortable with a snappy connection for the hop to Portland. I made it with time to spare – my wine that I checked as baggage didn’t. Eeeek! The very kind baggage services allayed my fears and it did come on the next flight. Whew!

Genevieve’s Stepdad, who lives in the area, graciously picked me up and we rushed into the tasting just a wee bit late. I poured our Albarino, Zin Rose, and Anam Cara blend for a lovely gathering of my new friends that loved them and are sure to become valued customers! I rested my weariness at Genevieve’s mom’s house in the neighboring town before catching the 10:30 am flight the next day. The return flight was easy and actually got in more than 15 minutes early!

The actual time in Portland? 6:45 pm on Saturday – 9:45 am on Sunday. All for love of the wine. Interested in hosting me for a VIP party at your house? Let me know!


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