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Iridesse hits the D.C. Metro Area!

Posted by oenophilus on May 14, 2008

We’re finally hitting my old stomping grounds – Washington, DC. While Malia enjoys Colonial Williamsburg with Genevieve’s mom and stepdad, we have started pounding the pavement in the Capital City, getting the good people here ready for the first shipment of Anam Cara, Albariño, and our gorgeous Zinfandel Rosé.

Our good friend and broker, Dan Callahan of Vintage Imports, has introduced us to a company that will be our distributor for the metro DC area. Suprex International is an importer and distributor of wines based in Virgina, led by my new friend, Flavius. With a name as noble as that, I know my wine will get into the right hands!

Coincidental Fun Fact: One of my old colleagues and friends, Fr. Christopher Begg, is the world’s leading scholar on the work of historian, Flavius Josephus.

Back now! Iridesse was well received by one of DC’s top winemongers, Tony at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits. Tony has been selling Chateau Felice since I introduced Genevieve’s wines to him a few years ago. He made time in his busy schedule and was thrilled to know that I give Iridesse Wines the same TLC that helped my In-Laws’ winery get its start. It is always great to catch up with Tony. Now Cleveland Park is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our wines in early June. Flavius and his sales team (shout out to my new buddy, Matt!) will be sure that all y’all in DC, NoVA, and MoCo can finally get their fix of Iridesse! If you know of a restaurant or retailer in the area that must have Iridesse, contact Flavius at

Malia and her grandparents will be back with us in a couple of days for us all to celebrate a number of McLaughlin family occasions: Gen’s sister, Erin will graduate from the Uniformed Services University Medical School and with her MD in hand, return to her rank of Captain in the U.S. Army. Erin’s husband, Jim will get his Doctorate from George Washington University in Physical Therapy. To top it all off, we will celebrate the birthdays of Malia’s ginger-haired Uncle John and Grandma Una (Gen, Erin, and John’s mother). I’m tired already just thinking about it.

Guess what we’ll be drinking to mark the occasions?


2 Responses to “Iridesse hits the D.C. Metro Area!”

  1. Alex Horan said

    Congratulations!! Will look for a bottle next time I am in DC.

  2. Anything in 2010 or 2011. Happy New Year!

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