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Anam Cara gets some love!

Posted by oenophilus on November 4, 2008

Hey all!  It has been a really long time since we posted and I apologize.  There is HUGE news coming ’round the corner for Iridesse Wines.  But….I can’t share it with you, yet!!!  Soon to come!

Just a quick look at a great review we got on one of my favorite blogs:  Wannabe Wino.

Sonadora is a great blogger in that her writing is fresh and honest.  Most importantly, she posts all the time!  Her reviews are a slice of her daily life.  And Boy!  Her daily life sure does include lots of great wine.

She reviews our 2001 Anam Cara today and I think she likes it!

Thanks, Sonadora!


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Iridesse Winemakers Give Wine…(Gasp!)…to their Kid!

Posted by oenophilus on February 15, 2008

European cultures have always introduced their children to wine early on. These children have learned that wine is a part of family life at table. They gradually added less wine to their water and soon they became parents who, in turn, did the same. I am of the opinion that these are families that produced kids with a much healthier attitude towards wine. I am not saying that there were no alcoholics in these families. I am not saying that these kids were immune to the call of binge drinking on Spring Break. What I do assert is that children who are introduced to wine at family dinners, have a better chance at enjoying wine as a normal, healthy part of life.

A while back, Tom Wark of FERMENTATION and the SWRA asked for our input in how we involve kids in the world of wine, which led to a contest for the cutest picture of a kid in a winery. All of this caught the attention of AP reporter Victoria Brett who followed the trail of blog comments back to my wife and me.

Several conversations later and a visit to our dinner table by an AP photographer, Victoria wrote her article. The article has already appeared in a few newspapers and blogs; Google gave me 46 relevant entries this morning! Try the link to the WRAL-TV5 website from North Carolina for a good posting and four great photos by AP photographer Eric Risberg. Victoria did a nice job of presenting the arguments and was able to synthesize our hours of conversation into a few sentences.

I look forward to the continuing conversation. It has been very lively over at Catavino as Gabriella led us in a discussion over the place of wine and winemaking in education. Be sure that you also check out the post and comments from RichardA, A Passionate Foodie. Alcohol is certainly a volatile topic (Sorry. Bad enology joke.) which can make for a minefield when we are in discourse from the point of winemakers, wine retailers, wine drinkers, and now as parents or those concerned for the welfare of children.

Again, read the AP article here and add your two glasses worth to the ongoing dialogue in the blogosphere. We all raise a glass to you!

photo by Eric Risberg, AP

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Harvest Memories

Posted by oenophilus on September 23, 2007

Genevieve’s post from last week got me thinking about my favorite harvest memories and this golden nugget kept popping up!

When I first saw this, I knew nothing of wine and had no inkling that it would one day be at the center of my life. I also never imagined that I would find myself, each year, up to my knees in Old-Vine-Zin, stomping away at what will someday be very yummy “Port”!

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Hot Hints from My Latest Trip

Posted by oenophilus on September 10, 2007

Hey. I almost forgot. I want to give a couple of “Shout-Outs” to some unexpected yummy treats I discovered on this trip to Portland.

St. Honore Bakery in Lake Oswego is fantastic. This is the closest thing I have come to French bakery paradise! It is a little “Epcot-ish” I’ll grant. However the breads, pastries, Croques, etc. all looked and smelled amazing. My Cafe-au-lait and Normandie Apple Tart (Oh Yeah!) put me in just the right frame of mind to get to the airport with an adjusted attitude!

Airport food? Tasty? Ya, Shure. Y’Betcha. SEA is the code for the airport shared by Seattle and Tacoma, also known as Sea-Tac. In the frenzy that is the change of planes on the way home, I needed to gulp down some sustinance for the remainder of the journey. Anthony’s Fish Bar has a great fish taco – either Mahi Mahi or Alaskan Rock Fish! It’s grilled flavors and slightly piquant cabbage slaw would have paired beautifully with the Iridesse Zinfandel Rose, but alas…

Last note: Horizon served us thirsty wine folk – and the other passengers too – COMPLIMENTARY Red Hook Brewery Sunrye Summer Ale! Wow. Delish. Thirst-Slacking. Did I mention FREE???? Kudos to our very cute cabin crew of Kippy and Scott who together with a mischievous pilot, kept us in giggles from Seattle to Santa Rosa.

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Rapid Insertion Strike Team

Posted by oenophilus on September 10, 2007

I just flew in from Portland, and boy are my arms….No really. I did just get back from a tasting in Lake Oswego (just outside of Portland). Usually we try to schedule our VIP and Wine Club tastings when I can spend a few days in the area promoting Iridesse Wines. This time, because of scheduling conflicts, I was to dash in, pour our wines for a group of potential customers, and dash out the next morning.

What a great opportunity to use the new Horizon Airlines service out of Charles Schultz Sonoma County Airport. Located at the northernmost extremes of Santa Rosa, the airport is less than 15 minutes from our house. Compare that to the heinous drive through the Bay Area mazes and bridge traffic and back-ups to get to Oakland or San Francisco airports in 2-3 hours. No contest. Horizon will get the lion’s share of my business!

Even though we got off to a rough start with a major delay (who wants to get on a plane that has mechanical troubles, anyway?), my flight to Seattle was quick and comfortable with a snappy connection for the hop to Portland. I made it with time to spare – my wine that I checked as baggage didn’t. Eeeek! The very kind baggage services allayed my fears and it did come on the next flight. Whew!

Genevieve’s Stepdad, who lives in the area, graciously picked me up and we rushed into the tasting just a wee bit late. I poured our Albarino, Zin Rose, and Anam Cara blend for a lovely gathering of my new friends that loved them and are sure to become valued customers! I rested my weariness at Genevieve’s mom’s house in the neighboring town before catching the 10:30 am flight the next day. The return flight was easy and actually got in more than 15 minutes early!

The actual time in Portland? 6:45 pm on Saturday – 9:45 am on Sunday. All for love of the wine. Interested in hosting me for a VIP party at your house? Let me know!

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